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Who We Are

Who We Are

Great Little Rewards is a UK based business.  We have been supporting education centres and schools for 10 years, enriching the learning experience for teachers and students, improving educational outcomes and strengthening the schools’ business.

Every month we work with more than 250,000 children who, in Partnership with schools and our programme, take control of their education, learning key skills for their on-going success during and after they leave school.


We are proud of our on-going client relationships and truly work in Partnership with our Clients, striving to deliver an exceptional experience for them.  Our programme supports them and their students. 

Our purpose is to optimize education outcomes for schools and students – we promote the behaviours schools need to exceed their educational targets.

We understand that continually motivating and engaging students is challenging.  Our programme:


  • Reflects individual student’s effort and has a positive and relevant impact on their learning
  • Empowers teachers and schools, reinforcing engagement levels
  • Is simple to integrate into the existing programme
  • Saves schools and educators time, effort and money
  • Is highly effective, flexible and changes frequently, ensuring constant engagement

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