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How We Do It

How We Do It

Our programme rewards pupils for demonstrating the behaviours scientifically proven to lead to success.  The mechanism we use for this is on-trend physical prizes, which change when you receive a delivery from us every month.  Your students will be engaged and excited by the rewards, many of which are unique to Great Little Rewards and all of which offer fantastic value for money.  We are confident about this as we operate a cycle of continuous feedback from the thousands of young people who receive our rewards every month.

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  • Tokens – A teacher has four potential physical tokens to give out to each student every week, which they then save up and redeem for rewards. These tokens can be branded especially for your school
  • The reward cabinet – The rewards are displayed in a prominent area in the school, ideally in a glass cabinet, so that children can see them and plan what they would like to save up for*
  • Saving up – We aim to encourage pupils to develop the skill of deferring gratification, scientifically proven to correlate to success in later life, by saving up for larger prizes and planning what they would like to use their points for.  Should a prize have gone out of stock by the time a child selects it another one can be sent out.
  • Shelf sizes – We have four shelf sizes, ranging from 10 points through to 40 points. Each token is worth one point.
  • Flexibility – The value of each shelf can be tailored to your school and further guidance and recommendations will be provided by Great Little Rewards.
  • Continuous improvement – We operate on a cycle of continuous feedback. Our ranges are tested on thousands of children every single month and we receive on-going feedback on the rewards. We know what is popular and what works best, whilst still fitting within competitive price points.  Our ranges start from just 50p per unit. 
  • Deliveries – When you sign up to our programme we deliver a new box of prizes every month. These vary from month to month to ensure your cabinet remains fresh and vibrant for your students. 
  • Affordability – Our programme is priced to be affordable and accessible to everyone. We can tailor it to your school’s needs. 

We Reward

  • Delivery – the student completes and hands in their work
  • Concentration – the student pays attention to the teacher and is not disruptive in lessons
  • Asking for help – The student knows when they need help and is able to ask for it
  • Effort – The student tries hard and makes an effort to improve


*Great Little Rewards can provide a glass cabinet at cost price if the school requires us to do this