Great Little Rewards

Maximising the impact of learning

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What We Do

What We Do

Our programme contributes to the motivation and engagement of students, encouraging them to do the necessary studying at school and helping to maximise their achievement. 

​Our system is proven to be popular with pupils, parents, Teachers and Head Teachers.  It reinforces the impact of the National Curriculum.

Our operating model allows us to offer an effective service that adds value to schools and allows them to focus on their main priorities: teaching and educating.

We tailor our programme to your school or businesses’ needs and goals.  We focus on the detail to ensure that everyone involved benefits from it:

Examples of the rewards we supply:


We know that students are constantly excited about the rewards and they understand how to earn points to benefit from them.  This reinforces a love of learning and a desire to achieve that will stand them in good stead for the future.


The programme gives teachers an additional tool to support them in motivating and engaging their pupils.  The class experience is more pleasant and efficient, improving results and increasing satisfaction and achievement levels.

Schools and Businesses

Build the loyalty and engagement of students, increasing retention rates as they work hard to earn rewards. See improvements in educational results, added to increased client satisfaction and strengthening the brand

Do you want to improve the results of your school and your students? We can help, contact us here.